Akematsu, Takahiko Project: Mechanisms of nuclear reprogramming in a eukaryotic model organism
Cimatti, Laura Project: Impact of Filamin RNA Editing on Carcinogenesis and Metastasis
Conibear, Anne Project: Synthetic Antibodies – An interdisciplinary approach to better cancer therapeutics
Desideri, Enrico Project: "ALBA" - Regulation of protein acetylation by RAF1: impact on protein stability and liver carcinogenesis
Project: “RAT- Role of Atf4 in Tumorigenesis” – Investigation of the roles of Activating Transcription Factor 4 (ATF4) in Ras-induced tumorigenesis
Project: “SENSinSTAT” – Resensitisation of chemotherapy resistant cancer cells through selective inhibition of the STAT3 signalling pathway
Koller, Antje Project: “ANPain” - Cluster randomized trial to test a complex cancer pain self-management support intervention: A phase IV study
Rumpf-Kienzl, Cornelia Project: “MMCA” - Molecular Mechanisms of Centrosome Assembly
Silva, Nicola “PARPs and PARG in the DNA damage response in the C. elegans germline”
Terenzi, Alessio Project: Development of metal complexes coupled to innovative delivering strategies to selective targeting of G-quadruplexes
Tubiana, Luca Project: In Silico automated tumor targeting screening methodology for applications to the CD47 receptor