INDICAR: Interdisciplinary Cancer Research

Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme of the University of Vienna

Welcome to the University of Vienna INDICAR initative

The crucial role of postdoctoral fellows for the advancement of science and innovation is well understood at the University of Vienna. The University, founded in 1365, has a long-standing tradition of scientific excellence and in 2015 celebrated proudly its 650th anniversary. The University stands the forefront of excellent science and education, which is especially notable by its high number of Nobel Prize winners, such as Karl Landsteiner, Erwin Schrödinger or Konrad Lorenz.

The primary vision of the University is to further promote interdisciplinary and highly interactive research between research groups and across faculties. The University is in the strong position to offer such an interdisciplinary approach as it encompasses 15 different faculties and four scientific centres covering almost all sciences.

The University of Vienna launched a new initiative, the INDICAR Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme, to promote a new vision of postdoctoral training in the field of cancer research. A central goal of INDICAR is to further strengthen the role of post-doctoral researchers as critically thinking, independent, autonomous and risk taking researchers and innovators, who will contribute to the benefit of academia and society at large. The researchers are free to choose the research department of their choice or to undertake research within the framework of a multidisciplinary research platform. This freedom means that there is the potential for the researcher to undertake novel and new research and to build on their scientific independence. Furthermore, the INDICAR Fellowship Programme, which is co-funded by the EU Frameworkprogramme 7 (FP7) Marie Curie Actions (Grant Agreement No. 609431), offers mentoring, coaching and career development activities, in addition to optimal employment conditions, a competitive salary and family support.

Key features of the postdoctoral fellowship positions include:

- Funding for research projects in the field of cancer research

- Three years' of secure funding with attractive salaries, health care benefits and pension access

- Mentoring and support schemes